Welcome to the Staplehurst Society page.

The Staplehurst Society was founded to speak for local people, unhindered by legislative restrictions. It works for the past, the present and the future of our community.
Membership is presently around 120. We are keen to raise this number so please contact us if you want to join this important organisation. Members can also use the Society to add strength to their concerns about planning and other local issues, and the get access to the Society's events and visits.
The Society's most important function is to manage the Staplehurst Archive and we welcome members who would like to participate in this activity.
The Staplehurst Archive preserves historical material on behalf of the whole community. This archive contains: 
  • a large archive of photographs and postcards
  • a collection of books and documents of historical interest
  • other historical items that have been recorded electronically
The Archive website can be be contacted here: www.staplehurstsociety.org where extensive samples may be seen. An index to material is included.
You can also see some archive material on this website.
If you like to join the society you may contact us HERE or by sending an email to [email protected]