Staplehurst Partnership Healthcheck Report March 2010

This report is the result of a community exercise undertaken by a small group of people during the first decade of the 21st century for the community of Staplehurst. Its contents are aimed at authorities, organisations and individuals with a responsibility for, or interest in, improving the environment and wellbeing of those who live, work in or visit Staplehurst.


Staplehurst was in the advantageous position of having already undertaken three significant community consultation exercises

• Staplehurst Village Appraisal 1990-1993

• Staplehurst Community Millennium Appraisal 2001

• Village Design Statement 2005


In 2005 the Staplehurst Partnership was formed as a ‘spin-off’ from the Parish Council action-plan sub-group comprising of ten members representing the parish council, local businesses and residents. The Staplehurst Healthcheck aimed to gather information covering all aspects relating to the quality of life in Staplehurst. This report summarises the hundreds of hours of work (public meetings, worksheets, research, on-line survey etc) that has been undertaken in the ensuing period. It seeks to

• give an up-to-date picture of various aspects of community life

• document changes that are taking place and issues arising

• propose matters for further consideration
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