Did You Know?

Information & Advice: We will provide you with information and advice to support older people, their relatives and carers. Can help with form filling, benefit checks and applications and liaise with other support services for equipment and adaptions. Visits can be arranged in their our in Mill Street or at your home. Telephone advice can also be given.  Call Angela on 01622 753618. 
Advocacy Service: We will work alongside you to promote your best interest, represent your views and ideas, and promote your independence for you to have choice and control over your life. An Advocate can become your voice, if you are unable to handle matters on your own, and can act for you as necessary. Visits can be arranged in our office in Mill Street or at your home. Telephone advice can also be given.  Call Aileen on 01622 753618.

 MEMORIAL SEATS IN THE HIGH STREET - Read about the people to whom the four memorial seats in the High Street have been dedicated to.


A team of voluntary drivers take people wherever they need to go: doctors, dentists, hospitals, shopping etc., enabling them to maintain independence.  To be eligible for the service clients must live in the Maidstone Borough Council area and be unable to manage on public transport.  Further information is available from HERE


Did you know that you can now contact the Maidstone Borough Council outside of normal hours. All MBC customers are now able to report all emergencies to a single number on (01622) 602243.
This single landline will be cheaper as well as more convenient for customers. All calls to this number will be routed directly to the Housing Call and Repair Centre, which operates 24 hours a day. The team has been trained to deal with all likely calls.


Did you know that the MBC have issued a Guidance Note on the storage, movement and use of poultry manure.
There have been many plagues of flies affecting properties within the Borough of Maidstone over the past few years. These flies have caused immense distress and disruption to the lives of local residents.
Investigations have shown that most of this nuisance has been due to the inadequate treatment and lack of control over the disposal, storage and dispersal of poultry manure.
In order to prevent further nuisance the Council have drawn up this Guidance Note in consultation with the Industry, to clarify the responsibilities of any person involved in the production, treatment, carriage, storage and disposal of poultry manure.
For the purposes of the Guidance Note the word flies includes flies, eggs and larvae of flies.
1) The producer should ensure that all possible measures are taken to ensure that manure is free from flies or their larvae whilst in storage prior to removal.
2) Operators must ensure that the movement of poultry manure is carried out so as to minimise all nuisances. This may include the covering of trailers, but must include the removal of any waste falling onto the highway during transit.
3) Unless used to top dress pasture or standing crops all poultry manure should be deep ploughed into land within 48 hours of its arrival on site. Recent experience has shown that incorporating the manure with heavy discs is not sufficient to prevent emergence of flies.
4) Poultry manure should not be stockpiled near watercourses, including ponds, ditches and rivers or close to domestic dwellings or business premises. All stockpiles should be monitored regularly and covered with black polythene, suitably weighed down whenever there is an imminent risk of flies living and breeding on the stockpile.
This Guide will assist in the prevention of fly infestations. Failure to follow it may be used as evidence in any enforcement action. For further information please contact the Maidstone Borough Council Pollution Section on (01622) 602202.


Did you know that a memorial window is now installed in the Parish Church of All Saints dedicated to the late Reverend Trevor Vickery, Rector of Staplehurst from his installation on 21st December 1951 to his retirement on 29th September 1991, the longest serving Rector since the establishment of the Rectorship in 1245. 'For what he achieved in this Parish, we give thanks today'. So said the then Rector of Staplehurst, Canon Brian Barnes, when dedicating the Memorial Window at a special Advent Sunday service in the Parish Church of All Saints on 2nd December 2001. Trevor was affectionately known as Trev the Rev and was a very proud Welshman. The window, with its Welsh theme, has in the centre light, St David, Patron Saint of Wales, with other Welsh symbols, including the dragon, daffodil and leek. The arms of the Vickery family and that of HMS Conway, the training ship to which Trev the Rev gave wartime service as Chaplain, are in other areas of the window. Created by local stained glass artists, Keith and Judy Hill, from a design brief provided by the Vickery family, this is the third memorial window they have made for the Parish Church in Staplehurst, all situated on the south wall of the South Aisle. Funding for the memorial came from the Vickery family, donations from Parishioners, friends and the Parochial Church Council.


Did you know that in Staplehurst there is a magnificent display of historic farm equipment used in the 20th Century and before? Did you know that at the same place there is a museum containing many artefacts from Staplehurst's past? You will find these at a working farm, itself having a 14th century moated farm house, at Brattle Farm, Five Oak Lane.
The farm is owned by Brian and Anita Thompson and is open to the public, but you do have to make your visit in an organised group by appointment.
Group organisers can contact Anita and Brian on (01580) 891222 to arrange a visit in the evening or at a weekend, on any day throughout the year.


Didyou know that  trained volunteers are available to check, clean and re-tube hearing aids, supply batteries and to give advice and information. This service is provided at McCabe Centre, McCabe Close, Staplehurst on the first Thursday of each month between 14:00 and 15:00.
If you cannot get to the above clinic and would like a home visit please contact Volunteer Co-ordinator, Hi Kent, 18 Brewer Street, Maidstone, Kent. Tel. (01622) 691151.
Did you know that following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln in 1865 a letter of condolence was sent from Staplehurst to the United States and is an exhibit at the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum. To view a copy please see Here. To mark the 150th Anniversary of the assassination the Parish Council was asked by the museum to write a further letter to be placed with the original. Please see Here.