Staplehurst Horticultural Society

The objectives of the Society are:

    • To further the interests of horticulture,
    • To provide a programme of informative talks on related subjects and
    • To encourage participation in shows.

For further information please contact Michael, our Secretary, on 890701.


Our TUESDAY meetings start at 8pm

                        in the South Hall of the Village Centre on:-

Jan 17th Dr Mahaderan           Plants of India

Feb 21st Sue Shaw                          Adventures in Peru

Mar 21st Jeff & Sylvia Wagner        Phantasmagoria

Apr 18th Simon Cunnaw           Mote Park

May 16th Mrs Hall              Joy of Discovery (Rhododendrons)

July 18th Sue Scriven                    Herbs

Aug 15th Julia Harman                      Bulbs

Sep 19th M Lynn                        Pests and Potions

Oct 17th Mr March                       Secret Garden

Nov 21st Steven Edney              Salutation Garden

Additionally in the North Hall of the Village Centre we have:-

Saturday 1st April  SPRING SHOW

staging from 8am until 11am

             open to the public from 2 until 4 pm

Saturday 6th May  PLANT SALE from 8:30am until 12 noon

Tuesday 20th June                Rose & Sweet Pea Show plus a quiz and refreshments                                                   stage flowers by 8pm

Saturday 2nd Sept AUTUMN SHOW

         staging from 8am until 11am  

                     open to the public from 2 until 4 pm

Additionally in the Primary School Hall we have on

Saturday 14th Oct        QUIZ NIGHT        6:30 pm for 7:00 pm start

      teams of up to six, but come along and join others
            (There will be no horticultural questions!) 

Our ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING will be held on FRIDAY 1st December in the South Hall. It will be followed by festive refreshments and entertainment.